Pronounced: Mail Me!

A new way to take control over your emails! Free and immediately delivery of emails directly to you (or Partner Apps)

Unlimited email accounts, unlimited storage, for free, forever

You are your own limit!


Step 1: Domain name

You must have a domain name before you start. What is your domain name?

It is okay if the output is empty. It means there are no records yet, so just proceed to next step.

If you do not have a domain name, you can buy one from:

What do you get with your domain?

If you get a domain, slacker.life for example, you will be able to receive emails on these email domains:

Step 2: Webhook

When someone sends you an email, where should we deliver the email to?

(We will be sending the email as a POST request to the URL)

Don't have a server to receive your emails?

If you don't have a website server, you can create a hook bin url and just use it immediately. You can use it as a simple email client.

Otherwise, you can build your own application and deploy them on your server. Here are a few options:

Step 3: Set MX and TXT Records

Please fill out the information in step 2 to get the MX and TXT records for your domain

It make take up 1 - 1000 minutes for the new records to show up. To speed things up, you can try flushing cache with this tool.


Send yourself an email. Your email should be sent to the url you specified in step 2.
If you don't remember, just repeat the steps again with new url.

Issues? Let me know.

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